1620VDP/2.2/F7DC 24
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Model information
Article Number 16201010
Model Number 1620VDP/2.2/F/DC
Product Family / Type 1620
Operating Mode Vacuum
Medium Gas
Flow Rate
Vacuum Flow Rate 0.56 cfm 16 l/min
Vacuum Continuous -25.7 in.Hg -870 mbar
Max Intermittent Vacuum -870 mbar
Max Vacuum Restart -25.7 in.Hg -870 mbar
Energy Supply DC
Voltage 24 V
Frequency NA
Motor Rating 0.03 hp 25 W
Current Drawn
Motor Type PermanentMagnet
Motor Protection Class IP 40
Speed 2800 rpm
Weight 1.65 lbs 0.75 kg
Ambient Temperature, min. 41 °F 5 °C
Ambient Temperature, max. 104 °F 40 °C

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