WOB-L® piston pumps & compressors
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Model information
Article Number
Model Number 2520CK60
Product Family / Type WOB-L®
Operating Mode Vacuum
Medium Gas
Flow Rate
Vacuum Flow Rate 1 cfm 28.3 l/min
Vacuum Continuous -25.3 in.Hg -857.6 mbar
Max Intermittent Vacuum -857.6 mbar
Max Vacuum Restart -25.3 in.Hg -857.6 mbar
Energy Supply AC
Voltage 115 V
Frequency 60/1
Motor Rating 0.92 hp 671.6 W
Current Drawn 10.2 A
Motor Type CapacitorStart
Motor Protection Class B
Speed 3530 rpm
Weight 28.1 lbs 12.7 kg
Ambient Temperature, min. 50 °F 10 °C
Ambient Temperature, max. 122 °F 50 °C