907Z Series
Vacuum Pressure
Features & Benefits
  • Oil-less operation (Clean air stream, less maintenance)
  • Permanently lubricated bearings (Optimum life)
  • Stainless steel valves (Optimum life, consistent performance, corrosion resistance)
  • Durable diaphragm design (Optimum life)
  • Die-cast aluminum components (Strong, lightweight, durable)
  • Wetted parts treated for corrosion resistance (Optimum life, consistent performance)
  • Dynamically balanced (Low operating vibration)
  • Designed and tested per Agency standards (Fail-safe operation)
  • Brushless DC motor (Variable output, long life, low energy consumption)
  • RoHS compliant (Green, eco-friendly)
Range Technical Overview


  • Capacity up to 2.2 cfm / 62.9 l/min
  • Vacuum to 21.2 in.Hg / -717 mbar


Possible Applications
  • Fuel Cells
    Model No
    Free flow
    Maximum vacuum
    Motor Rating
    Motor Type
    cfm l/min
    in.Hg mbar
    V Hz
    W hp
    Model No.
    Free Flow
    2.20 62.9
    in.Hg mbar
    Maximum vacuum
    21.2 -717.0
    mbar psi
    BLDC / 24 NA
    V Hz
    Motor Rating
    103 0.14
    W hp
    Motor Type
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