Linear pumps work by reduction of a volume by direct action of a shuttle on a membrane or piston. 

Features & Benefits

Very long life
Quiet operation
Low power consumption
Fluid capability with smaller models
Low pulsation
High efficiency
No bearings
Flow rates up to 22.1 cfm (625 l/min), pressure up to 10.2 psi (0.7 bar), max vacuum 16.2 in.Hg (-550 mbar)


Linear and vibrating armature pumps and compressors utilize electromagnetism to apply force to a diaphragm or piston positively displacing air. Alternating current in electrical coils reverse the magnetic field induced around a magnetized rod at a rate determined by the supplied frequency. Movement of the diaphragm/piston attached to the end of the rod, forces air through one-way valves.

Linear/vibrating armature pumps and compressors are quiet and efficient. With fewer wearing parts than equivalent reciprocating devices, linear compressors are regarded as long life, low maintenance devices. However, the pneumatic performance is limited to the strength of induced magnetic field, making them suitable for low differential pressure applications.

Thomas products division has a wide range of linear/vibrating armature pumps and compressors with flows ranging from 0.9 to 625 l/min under free flow conditions.



Direct Electrical Actuation of Pumping Method

Two Different Means of Actuation: Linear and Vibrating Armature